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Our History

Anand Orthopaedic Hospital, one of the most prestigious hospitals offering Trauma HDU facility was set up in 2006 at Anand. HDU offers treatment for fatal accident and head injuries. Better treatment is provided with the help of equipment’s like – Central Oxygen, Central Air, Ventilators, Defibrillator, and Suction Philips Multipara Monitor with central monitoring System etc. Moreover, due to latest facility of Ventilator, treatment for serious medical problem is also provided. The latest instrument like Dalex Ohmeda Anaesthesia machine is also available for better treatment. Thus, Trauma HDU with expert doctors and the latest equipment’s is a unique HDU of Anand District.

Anand Orthopaedic Hospital holds the record of highest number of knee replacement surgery in Anand district. There are rare chances of infection due to the use of class 100 Laminar Air Flow System in operations. Apart from this, Equipment’s such as – Horizontal Auto Clave System, Pulse Lavage and Electronic Tousniquet prove to be very useful in knee replacement operations. Thus, due to successful treatment and better facilities, the patient gets immense Satisfaction.

Anand Orthopaedic hospital provides the facility of Arthroscopy surgery. Operations for ports injuries, shoulder operations and operations of ligament in knee are also performed here at a regular basis. For Arthroscopy operations latest equipment’s like –Smith & Nephew Camera, Acufex Instruments, Dyonics Shaver System, Shoulder Pump (Pressure), VAPR (Radio Frequency Ablation) are available. C.D recording facility is also available for patients.

This is the only hospital in Anand district performing Arthroscopy operations.

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Major Views

Anand Orthopaedic Hospital vision is to be the preeminent leader by extending and enhancing the lives of individuals regionally and nationally. To preserve and sustain quality human life as humanely as it can be done through painless processes, facilitation of speedy recovery, and indigenization of medical technology  and to promote wellness & awareness through best practices at the highest value for all concerned.


Our Aims

Anand Orthopaedic Hospital is dedicated to improving lives. We are committed to serving the health care needs of our patients with a holistic approach to heal the mind, body and spirit. We strive to be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees.


Our Way of Success
A super Specialty Concept Orthopaedic Hospital

Anand Orthopaedic   Hospital -a Super Specialty Concept Orthopedic Hospital provides excellent care in  Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, Spine Surgeries and other Orthopedic Surgeries. Anand Orthopaedic Hospital  is  located at prime location in Anand, Gujarat, India.

Why Super Specialty?

In the competitive world, there is almost a wide range of options available in every field starting from hotels to hospitals.  Talking about hospitals, every approach is turning towards multispecialty and multidisciplinary. Every sector is going towards including each of the specialties to stand the race. But to be master in each specialty and to provide the best care is certainly a dream for any of the multispecialty sectors. Quality is definitely of upper age in Super Specialty as compared to a Multi Specialty.

Concept of Super Specialty

To excel in a single specialty and to provide quality health care and to ensure continuously improved and advanced health care:  Super specialty has one field to excel in so one can always expect to receive treatment with advanced quality and latest technology with ever improving patient care.      To   provide   proper   aseptic  care:  For  any  surgical  setup, especially for an orthopedic set-up  very  stringent  conditions  of  asepsis  need  to  be  maintained. In  Medicine  there  is  a  saying ‘You can spit into abdomen but you cannot breathe into joint.’Practicing orthopedic surgery with general surgery definitely compromises with the quality in terms of proper aseptic environment which certainly has an effect in the outcomes and results of the surgery.

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